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A unique musical journey across India's six beautiful seasons

After the resounding success of Ragas of the Gods a couple of years ago, we're now pleased to bring you Raagas of the Seasons on Saturday 28 August in Auckland.

Most countries observe four seasons annually – commonly referred to as summer, winter, autumn, spring. However, since the time of the ancient Vedic civilisation, people of the Indian subcontinent have been observing six seasons – Vasant (spring); Grishma (summer); Varsha (monsoon); Sharad (autumn); Hemant (pre-winter); and Shishir (winter).

And since those ancient times, our ancestors have associated these six seasons with every sphere of human activity – relationships, emotions, feelings, moods, food, colours – and music. Festivals celebrating harvests, solstices, gods and goddesses were always accompanied by song and dance, creating strong associations between music and season.

In a new multimedia concert from Mohan Nadkarni Foundation titled Raagas of the Seasons, we will travel through the beauty of our six Indian seasons with a variety of musical styles that are closely linked to these seasons. And during this melodic travel across the seasons, we’ll explore how these seasons are so inextricably linked to so many aspects of our lives...

Mohan Nadkarni Foundation brings you Raagas of the Seasons in association with Might-I and Swar Sadhana Academy.

Presented in six segments corresponding to the six seasons, Raagas of the Seasons is featuring New Zealand's accomplished singers, dancers and musicians, to bring you a unique bouquet of different musical and dance styles, all of these related to the seasons they are linked to.

Mark your calendars for Saturday 28 August 2021 6pm for Raagas of the Seasons at the Green Bay High School Performing Arts Centre, 161 Godley Road, Green Bay, Auckland. Tickets are available at

Here are some more details of the musicians and dancers who will take you through this amazing journey across the seasons with their music...


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